Tuition and Scholarships

We believe an investment in education should be affordable

Here at St. Mary's, we offer tuition assistance based on the following: Salvatorian Academic Grants, family need-based financial aid, and proven leadership and volunteer activity.

No student should be denied a quality education due to inability to pay. To make a quality education available to those who want to prepare themselves for college and beyond, St. Mary’s High School:

  • Keeps tuition affordable
  • Offers approximately 35 scholarships to incoming freshmen
  • Offers Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid Program
  • Provides a Student Work Program





2023-24 Tuition

Tuition policy

St. Mary's Parents are encouraged to be familiar with the Tuition policy for the 2023-24 school year.

Tuition Policy 23-24


The current tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $13,300.00. There is a $500.00 non-refundable enrollment fee required at registration this reserves your spot at St. Mary’s for incoming freshmen and transfer students and a $250.00 non-refundable enrollment fee for returning upperclassmen. The enrollment fee is part of the tuition package and is deducted from your tuition total. A $400 Activity Fee is also required.


For the 2023-2024 school year, St. Mary’s High School will partner with FACTS Management Company to provide tuition payment plans to fulfill and manage your tuition and fee payment obligations.  The majority of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Buffalo work with FACTS to provide a more flexible and responsive experience for your convenience and our office’s efficiency.

All families will be participating in this program since it’s our new billing and payment platform. You will receive an email from FACTS with an invitation to sign on for a payment plan.  Since you may have not received an email from FACTS before, please check your email program’s Spam folder.  You’ll also be able to access your FACTS account throughout the year here.  You can choose how you can receive payment reminder (through email or text or both).  When you receive the email, you’ll be able to click the link to visit your FACTS profile, review the information, and then choose how you’re going to fulfill your tuition obligation.

We offer three options for tuition payments. They are as follows:

  • Pay in full- if you pay in full with cash or check by April 1st, you will receive a 2% discount.Paying by credit card does not allow for the 2% discount
  • Quarterly plan- June 5th, September 5th, December 5th, and March 5th
  • 12-month plan- June-May with two payment options (5th or 15th)


A yearly technology fee of $300.00 is required.  A Chromebook is issued, students keep upon graduating. You can find a copy of the agreement here.

Each family is required to sell 4 Bash for Cash tickets at $50.00 each, or if you have multiple children at the school, families must sell 6 tickets also at $50.00 each.

Families must also pay an Activity Fee of $400.00 to cover several things like referee fees, uniforms, moderators, club consumables, coaches’ stipends, etc.

For questions about tuition, call Melanie Adams, the Director of Tuition & Financial Aid, at 683-4824, ext. 326.


To recognize students for academic, community service achievement, and/or leadership qualities and to help lessen tuition costs, St. Mary’s offers several scholarships to incoming freshmen. To be eligible for scholarships, the Admissions Exam must be taken at St. Mary’s High School during the applicant’s eighth grade year.

For more information on Scholarships, please contact Andrea Drabik, Director of Enrollment, or by calling (716) 683-4824, ext. 311.

Academic Scholarships

All students are eligible for Academic Scholarships; there is no application, awards are based on Admissions Test scores. All Academic Scholarship recipients must maintain a 90% GPA through their four years of high school.

Richard and Karen Penfold Scholarship:  Richard and Karen Penfold met here at St. Mary's and are graduates of the Class of 1964 and 1965 respectively.  Dick and Karen are well known across Western New York for their philanthropy and continue to be among our most avid supporters.  This scholarship goes to the student who scores the highest overall on the Admission exam. (One scholarship for $8,000 for 4 years)

Msgr. David LiPuma Scholarship - Msgr. David LiPuma is a 1978 graduate of St. Mary’s High School. For many years, he served as Secretary to Bishop Edward Kmiec and Bishop Richard Malone as well as serving as Vice Chancellor of the Diocese of Buffalo.  He is presently pastor of St. Peter's Parish in Lewiston. This scholarship is awarded to the student who scores the second overall highest on the Admission exam. (One scholarship for $7,000 for 4 years)

Mrs. Brzuszkiewicz Memorial Scholarship:  Named for beloved former Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Judy Brzuszkiewicz.  This scholarship is awarded to the student who scores the third overall highest on the Admission exam.  (One scholarship for $6,000 for 4 years)

Dale Volker Scholarship:  Senator Volker is a 1958 graduate of St. Mary's High School.  Along with running a successful Law practice, Mr. Volker proudly served as a New York State Senator from 1975-2010. (One scholarship for $5,000 for 4 years)

Salvatorian Scholarship – This scholarship is open to students who excel inside and outside of the classroom.  The amount varies based upon the Admissions test.  ($2,000 - $4,000 for 4 years)

Dr. Huefner Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded to the student who scores the highest on the math section of the Admission exam.  (One scholarship for $1,000 for 1 year)

Alice Poynton Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded to the student who scores the highest on the comprehension section of the Admission exam.  (One scholarship for $1,000 for 1 year)

Leadership Scholarships

Students applying for Leadership Scholarships should have some leadership experience (i.e. school/outside organization club leader, team captain, etc.) and provide letters of recommendation from a teacher.

Legacy Scholarship – To be awarded to a student whose parent(s) graduated from St. Mary’s High School.   (One scholarship for $500 for 4 years)

Judy Hokaj Memorial Scholarship - The family of Judy Hokaj established this scholarship to honor her memory and recognize her strong advocacy for Catholic education. She wanted to ensure that her children benefitted from a Catholic education and would become strong supporters of the Catholic Church and of their community. This scholarship is awarded each year to a female student whose family income is less than $65,000.  Applicants must possess a strong work ethic along with outstanding character and leadership traits evidenced by service to their school and community.  Families must fill out a Financial Aid application. (One female for $500 for 4 years)

George Hoppe Memorial Scholarship - Gordon and Susan Hoppe established this scholarship in memory of George Hoppe for all of the sacrifices he made to ensure his son could benefit from a Catholic education. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must demonstrate a strong work ethic (cumulative average of 85% or better required) as well as the character traits of leadership, service, and sportsmanship. Special consideration given to parishioners of Annunciation Parish in Elma (Mr. Hoppe graduated from Annunciation School), though the scholarship may be given to another applicant who meets the criteria. (One $1,000 scholarship for 4 years)

Katherine Czapski Kipp Memorial Scholarship - In 1982, St. Mary’s graduate Katherine Czapski Kipp died at the hands of a drunken driver. Her siblings established this scholarship to recognize a student who makes responsible decisions and will dedicate four years to educate their peers against making destructive decisions. Scholarship recipients are required to be part of St. Mary’s chapter of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).  (One scholarship for $1,000 for 4 years)

Albin Kocialski Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Albin Kocialski, class of 1958, and to demonstrate the great affection he had for his years at St. Mary’s. The scholarship was initiated by the generous contribution of Albin’s closest friend Dr. Fred Marozzi, a classmate at Niagara University. His extremely generous contribution to the Kocialski Scholarship allows for a scholarship each year to an incoming freshman that exhibits the qualities of leadership and service that Albin so deeply admired. The Albin Kocialski Memorial scholarship recognizes a student that exhibits a spirit of extracurricular activities and demonstrates the qualities that will make them a leader among their classmates. (One scholarship for $1,500 for 4 years)

Gus Galasso Academic Scholarship - The mission of the August J. Galasso Foundation is to promote faith in a loving God, to provide opportunities for education, and to contribute positively to the general welfare of the people of Western New York. The Gus Galasso scholarships are awarded to students with a family income less than $65,000.00.   They must score in the top 15% of the Admissions test and have earned a minimum of 90% overall average during 6th, 7th and the first quarter of 8th grade. Recipients must maintain at least a 90% GPA through their four years of high school. Families must fill out a Financial Aid application to qualify. (One $2,000 scholarship and one $1,000 scholarship for 4 years)

Student Senate Leadership Scholarship - The Student Senate of St. Mary’s High School funds this scholarship themselves, through the annual Walk-a-thon, to provide financial assistance to a future leader of the school. This scholarship is awarded based on the Admissions Test. (One scholarship for $500 for 4 years)

Scholarships for Depew & Lancaster Students

Students who reside or attend school in Lancaster or Depew are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Awards are based on Admissions Test scores, academic record, and service and leadership activities.

Lancaster / Depew School District Student Leadership These Scholarship are awarded to students living in or attending a school in Lancaster or Depew and are based on the Admissions test, academic record, and service and leadership activities. (Two scholarships for $3,000 for 4 years)

Father Leon Ross Scholarships - Father Leon Ross, SDS, was principal of St. Mary’s from 1964 to 1969, and a teacher from 1958 to 1960 and 1962 to 1968. These scholarships are awarded based on the Admissions Test.  (One male and one female - $1,000 each for 4 years)

Service Scholarships

Students applying for Service Scholarships should provide letters of recommendation from a teacher.

Rose McKeating Scholarship: Named for the wife of former Board of Trustees President Deacon Michael McKeating, this scholarship is awarded based on the Admissions Test.  (One $500 scholarship for 4 years)

Community & Diversity Scholarships

Oishei Scholarship - Each year the John R. Oishei Foundation grants one four-year scholarship to an incoming minority freshman at each of the 16 Buffalo area Independent High Schools. The Oishei Scholarship Program provides full tuition and fees for economically disadvantaged high school minority students. St. Mary’s High School may nominate three registered incoming minority freshmen for the Oishei Scholarship. Those who have questions regarding this scholarship are encouraged to contact Mrs. Andrea Drabik at 683-4824, ext. 311, as soon as possible, as paperwork needs to be submitted to the Oishei Foundation.

Tuition Assistance

St. Mary’s offers several options for tuition assistance to those who express a need.

  • Multi-child Discounts for families with two or more students
  • Need-based Financial Aid is available to all St. Mary's families

Student Work Program

Funds are available to students wishing to participate in the student work program. Students may work toward their tuition, performing light maintenance duties, to earn credit. Applications will be available soon.