Graduation Requirements

St. Mary’s High School Graduation Requirements

Although St. Mary’s High School is accredited by NYSED, we have created a curriculum and graduation requirements that go well beyond what is required in public schools.  As a college preparatory school, St. Mary’s students are required to go above and beyond the minimum to graduate!



St. Mary’s High School students must earn a minimum of 30 credits (1 credit is equivalent to a full year course). Credits are earned by completing a course with a minimum of 65% course average on the student’s final report card.

English –                               4            (English 9,10,11, plus College Writing 101)

Social Studies –                    4            (Global 9, 10, US History, PIG, plus Personal Finance)

Math –                                  4            (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, choice)

Science –                             3            (Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, Choice)

Religion –                             4            (Religion 9,10,11,12)

Foreign Language –             3            (Spanish I, II, III)

Academies –                         4            (Academy of the First year plus three others)

Life Skills Curriculum –         1            (Public Speaking, Personal Finance, College Writing 101, Leadership)

Art/Music –                           1            (2 – one semester courses in either Art or Music)

Physical Education –             2            (1/2 credit every year)

Health –                                 1/2         (1 Semester)

Computers –                          1/2         (1 Semester)

Electives –                             1            (2 – one semester courses that do not fulfill any other requirements above)



Many of the courses above end with Regents exams administered by the State.  In addition to the courses that must be completed, St. Mary’s also requires that students take and pass (65% or higher) Regents exams in certain courses.


English –                              English Language Arts (11th grade)

Social Studies –                   Global History and Geography (10th grade) / US History and Government (11th grade)

Math –                                  Algebra I (8th or 9th grade)

Science –                             Earth Science -or- Living Environment (8th, 9th,10th)

Foreign Language –             Checkpoint A (8th or 9th grade)

Must pass the course but… passing the Regents exam is not required:

Math –                                  Geometry (9th or 10th grade) and Algebra II (10th or 11th grade)

Science –                              Earth Science or Living Environment (8th, 9th, 10th grade) and Chemistry (10th or 11th grade) and Physics (11th or 12th grade)

Foreign Language –             Checkpoint B (10th or 11th grade) – This is Spanish III

All Students graduating from St. Mary’s will have earned enough course credits to receive a top-tier NYS diploma.  Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation (76% of our students do).

The question will be whether the student is able to pass the additional required Regents exams.

  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Earth Science or Living Environment
  • Checkpoint B

If a student is missing even one of the additional exam credits above, they will still earn a Regents Diploma.


Additionally, students can earn the following add-ons to their diploma type:

…with Honors –                         Student averages a 90% or higher on all Regents Exams taken.

… Mastery in Mathematics –     Student scores an 85% or higher on 3 Math Regents Exams required.

… Mastery in Science –              Student scores an 85% or higher on the 2 Regents Exams required.


It is important to note:  Transfers entering into St. Mary’s must fulfill all the graduation requirements.  This usually means having to sit and take Regents Exams for courses that were completed elsewhere.

Example: 9th grade at a school out of State –

Student would need to take the Algebra and Earth Science Exams in January to earn the exam credit.

  • Students transferring from Non-Regents schools would need to do the same.