Women’s Hockey (Schedule/Roster)

Girls Hockey Schedule

Date Time Place Game / Practice
11/15/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
11/16/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
11/17/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
11/19/2022 11am TBA Off-Ice
11/20/2022 10am NT Center Off-Ice
11/21/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
11/23/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
11/28/2022 4pm Cheektowaga MMA
11/30/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
12/1/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
12/5/2022 4pm Cheektowaga HHEWS
12/7/2022 5-5:50pm Cheektowaga Practice
12/8/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
12/12/2022 4pm Cheektowaga CASH
12/13/2022 4:15pm Holiday  LIDA
12/15/2022 4:30pm NT Center  Williamsville
12/19/2022 8:30pm Hyde Park  NC
12/21/2022 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
12/22/2022 8:30pm Harbor Center KENGIL
12/29/2022 3:45-4:45pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/2/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/4/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/5/2023 8:30pm Harbor Center Williamsville
1/9/2023 4pm Cheektowaga FFLOP
1/10/2023 8:45pm West Seneca HHEWS
1/12/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/16/2023 4pm Cheektowaga NC - rescheduling
1/17/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/18/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
1/19/2023 4:30pm Hamburg FFLOP
1/23/2022 4pm Cheektowaga LIDA
1/24/2023 8pm Lincoln KENGIL
1/26/2023 4:30pm North Buffalo  MMA
1/30/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
2/1/2023 4:30pm NT Center  CASH
2/2/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
2/7/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
2/8/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
2/9/2023 3-4pm Cheektowaga Practice
2/13/2023 6pm Cornerstone Championship

Roster - Coming Soon!

Women's Hockey Gets First Win!

The St. Mary's Women's Hockey Team started off the season with a thrilling OT victory to mark their first official win in program history.
Congratulations to all of the players and the coaching staff!

St. Mary’s High School Announces Girls Hockey Program

Lancaster, NY – St. Mary's High School in Lancaster, NY, through their athletic department, will be adding a girls hockey team to their interscholastic sports offerings.

St. Mary's High School is thrilled to welcome a girls team to the St. Mary's hockey family. St. Mary's currently has three boys teams participating at the WNY Federation and Club levels. The boys program has been to the state finals two of the last three years and is led by Director of Hockey, Mark Dantonio.  Dantonio will be instrumental in the development of this girls hockey program.

Local girls hockey participation numbers continue to grow, and there are several current female students at St. Mary's who also play hockey for outside club and travel teams. These factors formed the perfect landscape for St. Mary's to build their own women's team, which will be immediately competitive within WNY girls hockey. St. Mary's will participate in the WNY Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Federation.

"As a premier co-ed private school, it is important for us to be a leader when it comes to gender equality in all facets of our school community,” said Kevin Kelleher, St. Mary’s Head of School. “When there is a legitimate interest from our girls in a sport that isn't currently offered and the numbers are there, we have a responsibility to provide these types of opportunities for our students.  The right decision, here, is to form our own girls hockey program.  As with all of our students and student athletes at St. Mary's, there will be a tremendous amount of responsibility on these pioneering young ladies, as they will be expected to be leaders in the classroom, in the community, and in this case, at the rinks around WNY," Kelleher concluded.