Registration Information

Welcome to St. Mary’s High School!

All of your hard work and long hours of studying have paid off! We know that the past year has been incredibly difficult on all fronts, and we are thrilled to be able to deliver this good news!

Your individualized acceptance packet along with your scholarship and financial aid information has been mailed out to you. The other information needed to complete your registration is included below.

To register:

  1. Download the registration packet by clicking here.
  2. Save the document to your computer with the file name as such: Last Name-First Name-Registration
  3. Open the newly renamed file.
  4. Go through the packet, filling out all the marked fields. You are able to type right onto the PDF forms so that we are able to streamline the entire application process.
  5. Please fill out all of the empty fields on each page.
  6. Save the packet again when you are completed.
  7. Email the packet back to

*Note: As long as you save the document you are working on, you should be able to go back into that saved document to finish up if you get interrupted in the middle of filling out the registration packet.

Please pay your tuition deposit, technology fee, and activity fee by clicking on the appropriate link in the registration packet – or by clicking here.

The whole school just couldn’t wait to share this exciting news with you, so we have a special message from some of our Lancers who want to remind you of all the amazing things you can do as a part of this family.  Check out our special video message here.

Once again, congratulations, and welcome to St. Mary’s!