Lancer Forms

Nurse Summer Guidelines

Please download this form to read about the health policies to join a Fall sport along with the dates the nurse will be on-campus to come in for a meeting. (See more details below)

Summer Nurse Information

New Try-Out Policy

There is a new policy for student-athletes to try out for a fall, winter, or spring sport.   As each season approaches, students are encouraged to sign-up online via an email sent to their school email address.  They will also receive an Interval Health History (IHH) form or can download and print the form from this page that will be filled out and completed by both student and parent/guardian and turned back into the school nurse.   After the school nurse reviews to make sure IHH is completed and physical is on file and up to date, the student will receive a “YELLOW” card. (Yellow for Fall)

This “YELLOW” card will be completed by a parent, and the student will hold onto this card until the first day of tryouts.  If the student does not bring this card to tryouts, they will be unable to participate.

The forms attached will be needed throughout each school year and sport.

*** If student-athlete is hurt and seen by a doctor, they will need to complete a CLEARANCE form to allow them back to play.***