St. Mary's High School is located in the Village of Lancaster, off of Walden Avenue, just east of Transit Road.

In compliance with New York State law, public school districts must transport students to schools within a 15-mile radius of their home (please note: it is from your home, not the district). Thus, if St. Mary's High School is within 15 miles of your home, your local school district will provide transportation.

Students from the City of Buffalo will take a Metro Bus to St. Mary's. Bus passes are given to students at the beginning of each school year.

For Southtowns and Northtowns students outside of the 15-mile radius, St. Mary's has made arrangements for the transportation of students to our school. Please contact Mrs. Andrea Drabik at for more information.

After School Buses. Each district has its own policy. Please ask about the policy of the individual school district.