A note from the Advancement Office

Remember the school when it was on The Hill? Or when the corridors used to be called “Upper A” and “Lower B”? What about when the Lancers played in the Small Gym? Who could forget Mr. Even and his “Candy Questions”? If you remember one or all of these things, you’re probably a St. Mary’s alumni.

As an alumni or friend of St. Mary’s High School, you’re not only a connection to our past, you’re the key to our future. Alumni provide essential support to current students through donations, services and resources, and by keeping St. Mary’s in their prayers.

The Advancement Office of St. Mary’s High School is charged with developing effective community relations programs, and actively engaging the alumni and friends in the life of St. Mary’s through special events, reunions, and gatherings that keep them connected to St. Mary’s. We’re here to keep you updated and involved on all things St. Mary’s.

Stay connected

Stay connected with your St. Mary’s family. Visit the website often to see how you can be engaged with everything that is happening here at school. We love getting updates about your life as well. Let us know all the exciting things that you've been doing.

We encourage your ideas and suggestions on how we can better serve you. If you have suggestions, requests, or you just want to get involved, contact the Alumni Office at (716) 683-4824, or