Summer Work Crew Program

We all continue to work through a very uncertain and difficult time, as we navigate many "new norms" brought about by COVID-19.  New York State has recently issued guidance on school's opening in September, but we all know that circumstances may change and will certainly dictate how the school year will look in a couple of months.  We are praying and planning on being able to open in September with some sense of normalcy.  In preparation for this and something we have done at St. Mary's in past summers, we will once again be offering a Work Crew Program. However, this program will be offered in a slightly different form than in the past and is also subject to any changes coming from New York State.
The program is open to all students registered at St. Mary's High School for the 2020-2021 school year and will run four one week sessions as follows:
  • August 3rd through August 6th
  • August 10th through August 13th
  • August 17th through August 20th, and
  • August 24th through August 27th
Each weekly session will run from Monday-Thursday, starting promptly at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m. The participating students will be credited $250 towards their 2020-2021 tuition upon completion of the session.  Each session will be limited to 15 student workers and will be accepted based on the order of 'sign-up' receipt.  The students will be working on things like painting indoors and outdoors, landscaping, general cleaning, etc. and will be well supervised.
Here are some important reminders/rules to consider before signing up for the program:
  • Absolutely NO cell phone use during working hours.
  • All students must wear a mask while on school grounds unless instructed by their supervisor that it is safe to remove the mask for the time being (i.e. outside and socially distant enough from those around you).
  • All students will have their temperatures recorded before the start of their shift. If a student's temperature is above 100.4 degrees, then they will be allowed a "cooling off" period. If by the end of that period, their temperature is still too high, they will be sent home. Please keep this in mind as you drop your child off for their shift.
  • If your child feels sick or is showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness, please keep him or her home! The safety and well being of your child and those around them are of the utmost importance here.
  • Students must be in their session every day, and there will be no switching dates, sessions, etc.  Each student must be able to work the entire duration of the two-week session. It is simply too much effort to track John/Mary Jr. not being able to work Wed. of their week but can make it up Tues, of the following session.
  • Students are often asked to do work outside on school grounds.  Therefore, all students enrolled in the program must be able to deal with the outside elements (i.e. sun, grass,, etc.) without special accommodations.
Additionally, the Work Crew Rules document below must be completed, signed by parent and student, and returned to the school. 
Please return the document to Ms. Melanie Adams at, or drop it off at school.

Work Crew Election Form

  • Section 1- Student Information

  • Section 2- Parent Information

  • Section 3- Session Preference

    Please rank the two-week sessions in order of preference by placing a 1 by your first choice, a 2 by your second choice, a 3 by your third choice, and a 4 by your last choice.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.