Summer “Get Ahead” Program

St. Mary’s High School offers a series of courses over the summer as part of our “Get Ahead” program.  The goal is to gives students an opportunity to complete courses in areas of interest without the burden of extra courses during the school year.

Want to take that extra math?  Here is your chance. Pre-Calculus allows students the opportunity to “get ahead” and then push for AP credit in Statistics and Calculus during the school year. This Course will meet the St. Mary’s High School Pre-Calculus requirement and prepare students for AP Calculus. Topics of study include: functions, exponential and logarithmic equations, trigonometry and matrices.

Students enrolled in this class may register for AP Calculus in the fall.  Final approval for AP Calculus dependent upon completion of Pre-Calculus.

Stipulation: Students must enroll in either AP Statistics or AP Calculus upon successful completion of this course.


Eligible students must have earned at least an 80% on the Alg. II CC exam and earned an overall average of 85% in that course.

All forms and payment are do May 14, 2018.

For more information, you can download the brochure here.





  • By signing below, I (student and parent) agree to the terms outlined in the Summer "Get Ahead" Program brochure and meet the requirements needed to take the course. I will also submit payment to St. Mary's High School in order to have my son/daughter enrolled in the program.
  • Please make all $500 checks payable to St. Mary's High School and mail to 142 Laverack Ave. Lancaster, NY 14086.