Musical Announced & Cast List Set

Earlier this Fall, the St. Mary’s Performing Arts Department announced that this year’s musical will be The Addams Family.  If that announcement wasn’t exciting enough on it’s own, this year’s St. Mary’s production will be up for Kenny-award consideration, which celebrates the best of the best of high school theater Western New York.

Take a look at the cast list and wish our “ancestors” best of luck as they bring this story to “life” March 14th, 15th, and 16th at St. Mary’s High School.  Stay tuned for information on when tickets will go on sale!

2018-19 National Honor Society Class Inducted

St. Mary’s celebrated the best and brightest the school has to offer with the induction of 30 new members into the Marian Chapter of the National Honor Society. These students represent the best of the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The future is bright for this group, and we cannot wait to see all of the things they accomplish over the rest of their time at SMH!

The new members are (in alphabetical order): Kayla Bestpitch, Sara Bojarski, Kelly Cleversley, Allison Cole, Grace Haxton, McKenzie Jensen, Marguerite Kellner, Myla Kline, Jennamae Lipiarz, Julia Livingston, Daniel May, Samuel Mickel, Ava Miller, Brendan Murty, Madison Nuttle, Rebecca O’Connor, Mary Owczarczak, Caleigh Pfalzer, Rachel Pokornowski, Nicholas Pronobis, Emily Renkas, Marie Rhodes, Emma Ridolfi, Matthew Rosinski, Destiny Severn, Carolynn Steffens, Kerry Sullivan, Jillian Szeluga, Jacob Wilk, and Jeffrey Zoyhofski

Class of 2019 Lives It Up In Walt Disney World

St. Mary’s Seniors had the times of their lives gallivanting around the happiest place on Earth on their senior trip!  A whirlwind trip consisted of stops at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom.  The Class of 2019 took on all of the rides, shows, and attractions full force, packing hours of fun into each day and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at some photos from the senior trip to help put you into the moment:










































St. Mary’s Senior Is So Much More Than a Student Athlete

Most high schoolers would be thrilled to be in the top 10% of their class academically, score ridiculously well on their SATs, be an All-WNY Volleyball player, and just be universally loved by everyone in their school.  Those amazing facts are just a small part of St. Mary’s senior Hannah Mulhern’s story.  Hannah was diagnosed with a brain tumor in her junior year of high school, putting a hold on life as she knew it and really calling into question if she would live to see her graduation day.

Melissa Holmes from WGRZ came to St. Mary’s to share Hannah’s story, and we are so pleased to share it with our readers as well.  Please follow this link to watch the whole story!


Clockwork Is a Smash!

The St. Mary’s High School Performing Arts Department put on its annual Fall Play in early November. This year’s installment was Pat Cook’s mystery-comedy Clockwork. The incredibly talented cast put on a wonderful show thanks to their hard work and the dedication and perseverance of the directors, Ms. Ruhland and Ms. Jackson. Congratulations on a wonderful performance!

Here’s what one of the actresses herself has to say in regards to a recap of the story:

By: Brianna Propis ’19

“It was only a matter of time before audiences roared with laughter and smiles on November 2nd and 3rd upon the curtains first opening to reveal the cast of Clockwork. The Dunwoody family and their kooky counterparts certainly made their presence well-known on the St. Mary’s stage this past weekend with a rather twisted form of Southern charm that certainly kept audiences guessing and chuckling until the end.

The story opened on the Dunwoody clan and their patriarch, Zack (played by Matthew Walter), merely interacting the way the family typically would on any given day of the week, though much of the conversation was directed towards Leon’s (played by Ben Stegmeier), Zack’s nephew, “wrenched leg.” Curiosity ultimately proved to be Zack’s downfall after Leon finally caved to his uncle’s constant prodding regarding how he hurt his leg— since the story was so comical that it made Zack literally laugh himself to death.

Immediately after his death, the grandfather clock located in their family room chimed for the first of many times throughout the remainder of the show, considering the Dunwoody family began to mysteriously die off one-by-one afterwards. Were the clock’s chimes merely coincidental, or did they somehow serve as a sort of prophecy to signify the death of yet another family member?

As the plot continued to unfold, each of the show’s cast members were able to showcase their talents and deliver a wonderful performance of their colorful characters that was virtually impossible for the audience to forget!

Although the rehearsals undoubtedly had their ups and downs, Clockwork was ultimately made possible through the immense dedication and hard work implemented into every last detail by Ms. Ruhland and Ms. Jackson. Through their crucial directing, each cast member was enabled to reach their full potential in presenting a wickedly hilarious glimpse into the Dunwoody family’s murder mystery!

Thank you to those who helped in the creation process of Clockwork during one or many stages of pre-production, and thank you to those who attended a showing and supported the St. Mary’s theatre department! None of this could be made possible without you.”

Editor’s Note: Brianna Propis brought the character of Dr. McMurry to life in this year’s production of Clockwork.

















St. Mary’s Celebrates Third Annual Blue Mass

On All Saints’ Day, St. Mary’s also celebrated our annual Blue Mass, which honors all first responders for their service and dedication to the community. We paid respects to those we have lost during the year in our local fire, police, and EMS divisions and prayed for all men and women in uniform. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the Mass!

Lancer Cabaret Gives Performing Arts Students the Spotlight

The Performing Arts Department at St. Mary’s High School added another opportunity to the calendar for the very talented musicians, singers, and dancers in the school to perform.  This fall, students participated in the Lancer Cabaret, a showcase of the best and brightest St. Mary’s stars with original dance pieces and song covers by soloists and music classes.

What a show!

Father-Son Communion Breakfast – Great New Tradition

St. Mary’s held our first annual Father-Son Communion Breakfast on October 28th. Lancer guys and their dads attended Mass at Our Lady of Pompeii and then enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast in the cafeteria. Thank you to those who came out to celebrate the day with us! We look forward to making this a yearly St. Mary’s tradition.












Students Save Lives at the Unyts Blood Drive

On October 26, 2018, St. Mary’s students, faculty, staff, and community members donated blood and saved lives at the Unyts – Donate Life Blood Drive! We had over 47 Lancers donate and helped save over 140 lives today! Thank you to all the donors and the wonderful Unyts staff who helped make the drive a success!