Lancer First Responders


Lancer First Responders is a one-of-a-kind organization, founded in 2016, by student Andrew Wargo. The primary goal of the club is to provide students at Saint Mary’s, who are interested in the fire and medical fields, with a foundation to start training and learning fundamental skills in association with other local agencies. Since its founding, the goal of the club has grown to include standing by with other agencies to provide fire and EMS coverage at the school and it's events.  Through various classroom and hands-on training sessions, students are able to gain exposure to the appropriate ways of handling a real-world emergency.  In addition to this training, students are responsible for planning and coordinating the Bonfire, Pre-Prom Assembly, and Blue Mass each year at St. Mary's.Over the course of its existence, the club has grown in size from 5 members to over two dozen members and continues to grow each year with every incoming class.
Saint Mary’s, founded in 1904, is one of the leading Catholic High Schools in the Western New York Area. Lancer First Responders provides fire and medical coverage to the students, faculty, staff, administration, and visitors at Saint Mary’s High School. Lancer First Responders is responsible for providing emergency services to all varsity sports events, extracurricular activities, as well as school-sponsored events both on campus and off.
Students have an opportunity to earn numerous certifications, including: NYS Certified First Responder (have to be at least 16 years old to complete), American Heart Association CPR/AED/First-Aid, as well as numerous other FEMA certifications.

Lancer First Responder (LFR) Roster:

Cheridyn Reidel / 2022
Grace Monheim / 2022
Ryan Barrett / 2022
Grace Kicinski / 2022
Allison Krawczyk / 2022
Sarah Pasternak / 2021
Fire Captain Destiny Hernandez / 2021 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Abby Luksch / 2022
Molly O'Connor / 2022
Gabrielle Marchese / 2022
Athena Mohamed / 2019 / NYS Certified First Responder; CPR-AED-First Aid
EMS Captain Ava Mecca / 2022 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Haley Himmelsbach / 2021
Leah Wierzbowski / 2022 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Administrative Captain Rebecca O'Connor / 2020
Sara Micholas / 2020 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Sam Mickel / 2020 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Captain Jillian Szeluga / 2020 / NYS Certified First Responder; CPR-AED-First Aid
Bryanna Ely / 2019 / CPR-AED-First Aid
Moderator Andrew Wargo / NYS Certified First Responder; CPR-AED-First Aid
Moderator Amy Kawa

Call Log:

As of 11/20/2018
55 Calls
12 Drills
4 Special Details
3 Monthly Meetings