Bash for Cash

See the list of this year's winners!

  • Every ticket buyer is entered for the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE OF $10,000!
  • Other cash prizes will also still be awarded, with prizes ranging from $50 to $1,000.


Q: Do we have to purchase Bash for Cash tickets?

A: Yes! Per the tuition contract, all families must sell at least 4 Bash for Cash tickets at $50 a piece. Families with multiple St. Mary's students must sell at least 6 tickets. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, anyone who you normally buy candy bars or raffle tickets from. If you don't sell the tickets by October 28th, you will just be billed for them anyways. So why wouldn't you sell them to at least have a chance at winning $10,000 and come to a great party?!

Q: What does each Bash for Cash ticket get you?

A: Each Bash for Cash ticket gets you a chance to win cash prizes, including the $10,000 grand prize. Each ticket also admits two guests into the Bash for Cash live and in-person event on Saturday, October 28th. (Winners need not be present at the actual event, however, to claim your prize).

Q: Do I need a hard copy ticket to enter the live and in-person event on October 28th?

A: No. You should have received an email with an electronic version of your ticket(s). You can show those at the door and/or your name will be on a list of ticket buyers/attendees, we will use at check-in. If you bought your ticket online on behalf of someone else, you can go to your confirmation email and change the name on that ticket to the person you bought the ticket for if you did not already do that at the time of purchase. This way, our records will have that person's name on the correct ticket. For those not attending but letting others attend with your ticket purchase, make sure you leave your own name on the ticket so you have the chance to win prizes. When you buy your ticket, there is an RSVP box to put the names of those attending in your place. That way you still have a chance to win, and your attendees will be on our check-in list.

Q: What is the attire for Bash for Cash?

A: This event is a very casual. Think jeans and t-shirts, sweaters, etc.

NEW THIS YEAR - Since Bash for Cash is so close to Halloween, we are encouraging our guests to wear their spookiest attire! Come fully dressed in costume if you'd like! There might even be a prize or two awarded for the best Halloween look!

Q: Should I have cash on me?

A: Absolutely! There will be games of chance, 50-50 raffles, and more!

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Yes! We HIGHLY encourage you to bring your own food. Some beverages will be available that night for guests, but bringing your own food is part of the fun! Order pizzas, sub trays, make dips - whatever you feel like! We will also be partnering with some local businesses that night for some specials and some food may be available for purchase that evening, so stay tuned on that.

Q: Can I reserve a table/multiple tables for my entire party?

A: Yes! In fact, we encourage reserving tables! Please email the Director of Marketing & Communications, Amy Kawa at to reserve your table. We ask that you have a party of 8 or more to reserve a table. 

Q: Is the Bash for Cash going to be fun?

A: YES! We want you to be there!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Amy Kawa at the above email address.

We look forward to seeing a packed Athletic Center on Saturday, October 28th!