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Welcome to the St. Mary's
Advanced Placement Page

This page will contain the latest information regarding Advanced Placement courses and exams offered at St. Mary's High School.

AP Courses

St. Mary's High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

  • Biology (teacher: Mrs. Walh-Henshaw)
  • Calculus AB (teacher: Ms. Schaffstall)
  • Chemistry (teacher: Mr. Derrico)
  • Computer Science A (teacher: Mr. Meyerhofer)
  • Computer Science Principles (teacher: Mr. Meyerhofer)
  • English Language & Composition (teacher: Mrs. Roberson)
  • English Literature & Composition (teacher: Mr. Mauro)
  • Spanish Language & Culture (teacher: Mrs. Dvorak)
  • Statistics (teacher: Mrs. Tytka)
  • United Stated Government & Politics (teacher: Mr. Ard)
  • United States History (teacher: Mr. Ard)
  • World History: Modern (teacher: Mrs. Junik)

Students may also challenge other AP Exams.  Please contact Mr. Kidder for more information on challenging an AP Exam.

2021 Exam Schedule

Date Morning - 8 a.m. Afternoon - 12 noon
Monday, May 3 US Government & Politics
Tuesday, May 4 Calculus AB
Wednesday, May 5 English Literature & Composition Physics 1: Algebra Based
Thursday, May 6 US History Computer Science A
Friday, May 7 Chemistry
Monday, May 10 World History: Modern
Tuesday, May 11 Spanish Language & Culture
Wednesday, May 12 English Language & Composition
Thursday, May 13 Computer Science Principles Statistics
Friday, May 17 Biology


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