Health/Physical Education Sub


1/2 Credit
The emphasis on this course is self-responsibility and choices made result in
consequences. In line with the contemporary attention to individual and group health
problems, the State Department of Education now mandates that all students have a
minimum 1/2 credit in health education which must include the topics of stress
management, suicide prevention, nutrition, drugs (including alcohol, tobacco, and
steroids), and disease (including sexually transmitted diseases). The focus of this
course will be for students to understand that health and wellness are lifelong and
cumulative, and that knowledge translated into positive health practices can extend
youthfulness and postpone aging. The course also stresses principles adaptable to
living life to the fullest extent today, toward accepting oneself, associating
harmoniously with others, and developing an awareness of our physical, social, mental,
spiritual, and environmental responsibilities. This course will include individual health
problems, as well as the health problems facing us as a society and how we can deal
with them. Students understanding the areas of health that affect them today and in
the future are the major objectives of this course.

Physical Education

1/2 Credit
New York State mandates that all students in high school must take physical education
in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation. At St. Mary’s, students must take two
(2) physical education classes per cycle, for 40 weeks, each year. In lieu of Physical
Education, Dance Class may be selected and will fulfill the Physical Education


1/2 Credit
Dance is an alternative to traditional gym class. This class was conceived to promote body fitness and emotional well-being using the art of dance. Classes incorporate multiple dance forms that are designed to improve flexibility, body strength, muscle tone, and aerobic endurance. Through participation, students will also develop musicality, become familiar with dance terminology, and receive tips on health and stress management. Dance is available to all grade levels.