Business Sub


1/2 Credit
Grades 11-12
Accounting is highly recommended for college-bound students considering
accounting, business, or economics. This course is designed to introduce students to
real-world concepts in today’s business environment. Accounting starts with the
elementary principles of debits and credits and ends with the balance sheet and
income statement.

Business Law

1/2 Credit
Grades 10-12
Business Law is an interesting and educational class that is encouraged as an elective
for all students. In this course, students develop an understanding of business law and
law enforcement as it affects the student’s personal, family, and occupational pursuits.
An introduction to our legal system, court procedures, and the jury process will be
presented. Students become aware of the need for legal assistance in a variety of day-to-day
business transactions, so that they may avoid legal entanglements by having a
working knowledge of their rights and obligations. Students who plan on majoring in
business, economics, government, or history are encouraged to take this class.