Academy Spotlight: Global Citizenship & International Relations

ACADEMY SPOTLIGHT: The Global Citizenship & International Relations Academy welcomed back some recent alumni, including Jeff Zoyhofski ’20 (Cornell University), Laura Fontaine ’21 (Carroll College), and Eric Pfalzer ’21 (Marist College). St. Mary’s Spanish teacher, Mrs. Larson, also welcomed her daughter, Astrid Larson (Tufts University), who just got back from a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain.
All of these students have traveled the world and taken the opportunities laid out for them to become true global citizens along with majoring in things like Economics, Biochemistry, and International Relations.
Jeff, Laura, and Eric all went on a mission trip offered at St. Mary’s, led by the Spanish Department, in the summer of 2019 to an orphanage in Guatemala with the Work, Play, Love Foundation. This trip sparked an interest inside them to continue traveling abroad to help those in other countries. Through their colleges, they have been to Europe, South America, and Asia to study abroad and go on mission trips, and all have plans to continue this work in the future.
Way to go, Lancers!