Academy Spotlight: Global Citizenship & International Relations

ACADEMY SPOTLIGHT: This week, the Global Citizenship & International Relations Academy visited Providence Farm Collective. The farm is made up of refugee groups from African and Asian countries, each with their own plot of land on which they grow some of their traditional crops. They then take this food back to their communities, many of which are food deserts in Buffalo, and these crops then represent a piece of home as well as nourishment to these underserved populations.
Our students were able to meet some of the farmers and were one with the land, picking some crops. Our students were then treated to a delicious lunch of authentic curry, rice, and more.
You can find some of these crops and flowers from the Providence Farm Collective at the Grant Street Farmers Market and the East Aurora Co-Op.
Next up for the Global Citizenship & International Relations Academy? Students will now be doing research and presentations on the countries they learned were part of the Collective, including places like Liberia and Somalia.