Head of School Grants Extra Week of Christmas Vacation

December 9, 2020


As I reflect back on the last 100 days or so since the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the one word that continues to be at the forefront of my mind is pride.  I am well aware that I have begun to sound like a broken record, but I truly could not be more proud of the entire St. Mary’s Community.  Due to the virtues of diligence and cooperation that have been on display since the start of the school year, I am more than content with the knowledge that we have provided more face time and in-person instruction than any school in Western New York and likely throughout New York State.  These virtues have been witnessed in every member of the St. Mary’s Family from our students to our parents to our faculty and our staff.  For all of you, I am ever grateful.

With the above thoughts in mind, coupled with the rise in COVID positive cases throughout Erie County, I have decided that the St. Mary’s High School Community has earned some time to heal, rest, relax and enjoy the gift of family.  To do this properly, we will be extending our Christmas break, and this Friday, December 11th, will be our last day of classes, in-person or virtual, until we resume after winter break on Monday, January 4th.

I ask you to remember that there are also some personal reasons for us to embark on a lengthened break.  Some very important people in the St. Mary’s Family will still need you to send a ton of positive vibes their way.  I ask that you continue to pray for the health and recovery of Mr. Ard as he fights his battle against COVID-19.  I also ask that you keep the Junik Family in your thoughts and prayers, as Emily continues her courageous fight against breast cancer.  Please do not lose sight of the power of prayer during this Christmas Season.  Enjoy your time, enjoy your families, and stay safe!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  As always, Go Lancers, and keep the faith!


Kevin Kelleher

Head of School

St. Mary’s High School