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It is one of the primary objectives at St. Mary’s High School to make a quality education available and affordable to all those desiring to attend.  We accomplish this by:

  • Keeping tuition affordable
  • Offering approximately 35 scholarships to incoming freshmen
  • Offering Tuition Assistance / Financial Aid Program
  • Providing a Student Work Program

We at St. Mary’s High School understand that your decision to send your son or daughter to a Catholic high school involves a financial commitment from your family.  The Board of Trustees keeps this in mind when they determine the school’s tuition: offering a quality education at an affordable rate.  

  • Tuition Rate for 2015-16- $10,000
  • Locked- in Tuition Rate - $10,500
  • Down payment (due at time of registration) comes off total tuition owed - $500
  • Payment in-full - 2% - due by May 1st
  • Full tuition due - June 1st

For more information on the tuition rate is encouraged to call St. Mary's Tuition Office at
683-4824, ext. 226 or 237.

Tuition Policy
St. Mary's Parents are encouraged to be familiar with the Tuition Policy for the 2015-16 School Year. Click HERE to see the policy.

St. Mary's High School utilizes the SMART Tuition Program. To assist with this process, please see the following links:

St. Mary’s offers scholarships to freshmen who have exhibited outstanding academic achievement and/or community service.  Scholarships are awarded based on the Admissions Exam results, elementary school grades, and teacher/principal recommendations indicating the student’s service and leadership.  To be eligible for scholarships, the Admissions Exam must be taken at St. Mary’s High School during the applicant’s eighth-grade year.  All students who are awarded a four-year academic scholarship must meet or exceed a minimum grade requirement throughout their four years at St. Mary’s in order to keep the scholarship. Click HERE for more information on Scholarships.

St. Mary’s offers several options for tuition assistance to those who express a need.

Multichild Discounts for families with two or more students

Need-based Financial Aid - available to all St. Mary's families

Student Work Program
Funds are available to students wishing to participate in the student work program.  Students may work toward their tuition, performing light maintenance duties, to earn credit.  Click HERE for more information.

Applications are accepted through SMART Tuition Management after December 1st each year. Click HERE for an on-line application.

Tuition Program

St. Mary's
is now part of the
SMART Tuition Program.

Click HERE for more information

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