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Thank you for your interest in St. Mary's High School.

St. Mary’s is Western New York’s finest co-educational college-preparatory institution. In 2005, we begin our second century of educating young men and women while continuing to offer our students a quality education, an opportunity to develop their talents, and a strong sense of faith.

Each St. Mary’s student is prepared with a background and skills to be a faithful disciple of Christ, a productive learner, an effective communicator, and a responsible citizen. We are dedicated to providing a challenging, nurturing environment, which encourages the development of these academic abilities and skills.

Members of the St. Mary’s community enjoy a spirit of togetherness and pride unlike that found at other educational institutions. We firmly believe that each student makes our community a better place by bringing to it his or her unique blend of talents, personality, and capabilities.


If there are any questions that are not answered here, or if you would like a tour of the school or to shadow, please feel free to contact us at anytime at (716)683.4824 ext. 237 or


Every fall, St. Mary's hosts an Open House for prospective students. While at Open House, students and their families will receive a tour conducted by present St. Mary's students. This tour will offer guests the opportunity to check out our wonderful facility, meet the faculty, administration and members of the Board of Trustees, and learn more about the programs that St. Mary's has to offer. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding tuition, financial aid and curriculum.

For students who are interested in getting a "feel" for St. Mary's, we offer a shadow program. Potential students can spend the day with a present student, attending classes, lunch and other activities. If a prospective student is interested in shadowing at St. Mary's, we recommend the following course of action:

  • Contact the student's present school. Some schools have designated days for high school visits. If not, the school can inform you of preferred days so that there is no conflict with assignments, presentations, or other special events. St. Mary's accepts shadows throughout the school year.
  • Student should arrive at St. Mary's by 7:45 am on the day of the scheduled visit. Students will then be matched with an appropriate guide. We try to match students based on common interests or grade school.
  • Visiting students should follow St. Mary's dress code, which will be explained when calling.
  • Free lunch will be provided each shadow.
  • Dismissal is at 2:19 pm.

Individual family tours can also be arranged at any time. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.


The Admissions Exam for incoming freshmen takes place in November each year. This exam serves three purposes:

  1. Admission - This test determines - when evaluated with elementary school grades and teacher recommendation - whether a student meets the St. Mary's High School criteria for admission.
  2. Scholarships - As discussed on the Scholarships Page, some scholarships are based on scores on the Admissions Test. Please note that to be eligible for a St. Mary's scholarship, a student must take the Admission Exam at St. Mary's High School.
  3. Placement - After a student is accepted to St. Mary's, the Counseling Centre uses test scores and records to place a student in classes that are appropriate to his or her knowledge and ability.

Application for the Admissions Test is made by filling out the applications available from the student's present school or by contacting St. Mary's. Students who apply for admission after November will be required to take the test at a later date.

Students who take the Exam in November will be notified around January 20, of their Admissions Status. Students who take the Exam later in the year will receive notification approximately three weeks after the exam date.                               


St. Mary's is always very pleased to welcome transfer students. Any student who wishes to apply to St. Mary's as a transfer student must supply the following.

  1. Fill out the St. Mary's Transfer Application. (Also available by contacting the school)
  2. Transcripts - the student's official transcripts or a copy of his or her report cards from the last two years to indicate courses completed and required.
  3. Letter of Recommendation - a letter from the student's present principal, guidance counselor, or teacher to indicate what type of student the applicant is.

Once all of the above information is received by St. Mary's, the Admissions Committee will convene to determine whether the applicant meets the school's requirements for admission.


St. Mary's High School is located in the Village of Lancaster, off of Walden Avenue, just east of Transit Road.

In general, New York State law says that public school districts must transport students to schools within a 15 mile radius of their home (please note: it is from your home, not the district). Thus, if St. Mary's High School is within 15 miles of your home, your local school district will provide bussing to our school.

If you live in the City of Buffalo, a Metro Bus will transport your student to St. Mary's.  (For example, if you are from St. Bernard / Our Lady of Czestechowa area, Bus #103 picks up students at about 7:10 am, with arrival at St. Mary's at about 7:40 am.  In the afternoon, the bus departs from St. Mary's at 2:30 pm and is on Clinton St. by 3 pm.)  Students will receive their bus passes at the beginning of each school year.

For Lockport students, St. Mary's has made arrangements for transportationstudents to our school. Please contact Mr. Grieco for more information.

In regards to after school buses, each district has their own policy.  Please ask about the policy of the individual school district.

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