About St. Mary's High School

St. Mary's High School is a co-educational, Catholic, college preparatory school located in Lancaster, New York, 4.5 miles SE of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and 14.5 East of downtown Buffalo. A faith community within the Diocese of Buffalo, St. Mary's takes pride in educating the whole student, as reflected in our motto above. St. Mary's enrollment includes students in grades 9-12 from four counties and approximately 30 school districts.

St. Mary's High School offers a challenging curriculum featuring a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. In the spirit of educating the whole student there are many extracurricular activities including a very successful Athletic program, a high-quality Performing Arts department and a whole list of clubs and organizations catering our students interests.

Our Vision:

St. Mary’s High School is the prominent Catholic, co-ed college preparatory school in Western New York; a beacon of faith, excellence, achievement and inspiration.

Our Mission:

The mission of St. Mary’s High School is the formation of the Christian leaders of tomorrow using a curriculum designed to challenge the intellect, and form the student’s character by giving witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Each St. Mary’s graduate is prepared with the background and skills to be a faithful disciple of Christ, a productive learner, an effective communicator, and a responsible citizen.

Our Philosophy:

As a Christian educational community, we accept and emphasize the Catholic faith. We believe that each person is created by God to honor and serve Him. We believe that Jesus’ message is to love. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we accept the call to live and teach as Jesus did.

As an educational community, we believe that each individual is a unique and valuable person who learns through his/her experiences. We provide opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, that help each individual achieve academic excellence and full potential in life.

As a community, we believe that people have a responsibility to each other; that in realizing and accepting our talents and limitations, we are able to work together in a loving and giving community to bring a fuller and richer meaning to life.

Diversity Statement :

As a Catholic School, we believe that our commitment to diversity is an ongoing process dedicated to achieving fairness and justice in our school community.

Since a component of a quality education is to prepare students for the multicultural world in which they live, we encourage each other to value alternative viewpoints and be sensitive to the life experiences, feelings, hopes, and challenges of others. It is our intention to empower individuals and discourage stereotypes and prejudices.

Recognizing that our differences give us opportunities for understanding, St. Mary’s High School strives to promote respect, acceptance, and sensitivity to all.

School Patron
The Blessed Mother under the title of
Immaculate Heart of Mary

School Emblem
Straight as an arrow, swift as a lance,
with singleness of purpose and under
the protection of the Mother of God,
the students of St. Mary's High School
pursue learning and seek wise discipline
of purpose to the attainment of everlasting life.

School Colors
Blue and White

School Nickname
The Lancers



Strategic Plan
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